Monday, May 17, 2010

From the Postman's Bag...

We recently received the most amazing of letters from our friend Peggy, all about a little escapee from Castle in the Air following Ulla's Wooden Marionette class:

Dear Karima,
I had the loveliest time at Ulla's workshop this past weekend. When I got home from my sojourn at Castle in the Air, however, I was slightly alarmed to discover I had a small stowaway. He is 12 1/2 inches tall and says his name is Mossy Fine-Fernfeather (of the Fine-Fernfeather Clan, hailing from Oak Grove, north of Marshy Glen).

He's been following me around all day, pulling my skirt hem, thrusting tiny fistfuls of feathers, toadstools, and fern fronds in the general direction of my knees and insisting I repair the embellishments on his cap. (Apparently, he has mistaken me for some kind of millinery expert.) He says if I do not see to his hat soon, he will invite 17 spiders from the garden to take up residence in our house. (What he doesn't know is that we like spiders spinning quietly in our corners...) He threatens mischief but seems harmless...

Peggy also included a book kindly recommended by Mossy, a copy of Arnold Lobel's Owl at Home, about a sleepless character similar to the baggy-eyed owl who stowed away with me. Thanks much, Peggy!

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