Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ironcraft at Castle in the Air

Are you up for a creative challenge? Castle in the Air has taken inspiration from the Iron Chef cook-off series and is happy to invite you to Ironcraft!

Between now and October 21 (or until supplies run out), come in to Castle in the Air and pick up a free crafting supply (our answer to Iron Chef’s mystery ingredient) we’ve selected from our treasure trove of materials. If you can’t make it into the shop but would like to participate you may order your ingredient from our online shoppe HERE (the price is to cover shipping and handling). Take it back to your studio and, using any other supplies you like, transform it into something amazing and unique.

Bring your creation to the shop by noon on Friday, October 21. You can also submit your work via email—just photograph your piece against a white background and send it to Include your postal address so we know where to send your prize. Whether you submit in person or online, include a short written description of what inspired you and a bit about how you made your creation, along with your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Everyone who participates in Ironcraft will be rewarded with a special prize and will be eligible for a credited mention on the Castle in the Air blog. We may even select a few submissions as the basis for upcoming tutorials. Castle in the Air appreciates and respects all forms of creative expression, but for the purposes of Ironcraft we’re looking for submissions appropriate for all ages.

Ironcraft isn’t a competition but a celebration of ingenuity and the creative spirit. We hope you’ll stop by the shop to take part!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Queen for a Day! Crown Tutorial

What you will need:
2 Dresden CrownsCrepe PaperFlorist WireBest Ever Stapler, Jewels, Glitter Glue, Ribbon or Cord, Alcohol Ink Pens, Skewer, Scissors, Wire Cutter, Tacky Glue

Begin by covering the back of one of the crowns with glue.

Glue crown to a piece of crepe paper and trim the crepe to the edge of the crown.

Bend piece of florist wire so that it runs the length of the crown and has loops on either end.

Staple the wire loops to the crown.

Cut a strip of crepe to cover the wire and glue it down.

Decorate your crown with alcohol ink, jewels, and glitter glue.

Bend the crown to fit your head and tie with ribbon.

Make it your own and celebrate in style!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Stumpers Available on iTunes!

Hooray! Today at iTunes you can be the first to download the ebook edition of The Stumpers! It's extra-special because it features the voice of folk sensation Laura Cortese, who's provided both a read-aloud narration and a new song -- "The Stumpers' Frolic" -- guaranteed to win your heart. Scoot over to or go straight to iTunes to download yours.

Those of you hankering for the hardcover don't have long to wait -- a hardworking group of American gnomes is toiling away and from what we've seen so far, the book is going to be amazing. More news soon!