Monday, May 17, 2010

Toad's Holiday

It has been remarked that I share quite a bit in common with the beloved Toad in Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows, not least of all for my love of Gypsy caravans. I have dreamed of running away in my own canary-coloured cart since I was a little girl. So when John offered his Gypsy Vardo class I was the first to sign up. Making the cart was a holiday indeed! There are few things better than spending the day crafting with John and Ulla (who joined the class and taught the dressed Gypsy figure class the next day).

I admit that I did not complete my project in the one day allotted -- I didn't want to rush all the details that I knew would make my vardo authentic and unique. So over the past month I have had no end of fun dreaming about how I would finish it. Yesterday was the first day since the class that I was able to sneak away into my studio for any length of time to put on the finishing touches. I spent the entire morning and afternoon in reverie as I worked on my caravan and as I fiddled and tweaked it seemed as though I were growing smaller and smaller, until I felt like I could climb right on and take off down the bumpy road on an adventure to visit the Piper at the Gates of Dawn.


Anonymous said...

OH! Take me with you....please!!!!! It's a dream I'll never stop dreamimg....your little caravan looks like the perfect place to dream it in! Lovely!

Ulla said...

Wow Karima!
Shall we meet in a small village somewhere in the far away hills and take a wee vacation together???