Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Class Joy

For as long as we have been offering classes at Castle in the Air I have relished the afternoon spent reading over the new class schedule and selecting the classes I am going to take for the season. It is quite a production and involves hand wringing over the choice, juggling my calendar, and hoping that the class will still have room for me to sneak in, not to mention the lovely anticipation that precedes each class.

So it gave me no end of delight to watch my daughter go through the same process when our latest class schedule arrived. She made a wish list and agonized over which class to choose as her "one." Next, we had to ask permission from the teacher since she is a good bit underaged. The class that my daughter and I anticipated together was Ulla's Wooden Marionette class -- a two-day wonder!! Spending a weekend of long uninterrupted days crafting with my daughter was a golden treasure.

Two little creatures were born from our work. My daughter created a little pixie with more than his fair share of attitude and I brought home a very tired owl. Bringing home these two new characters was the icing on the cake.

(P.S.: The summer class list mails next week! Join the mailing list to get your copy.)


Shelley Noble said...

Wow! what fabulous character puppets! Karima, you and your daughter are simply marvelous makers!

I can only imagine how charmed a life your girl will have after spending her childhood in such magical creative places as the castle!


Ulla said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see the finished results! WONDERFUL!!! When will you be taking the troupe on the road? I'll be the first to buy tickets!
Missing you both,