Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Goodbye Summer

The seasons are shifting, even though it can sometimes be a little difficult to tell what time of year it is in Berkeley. Today we had a cool breeze that really put a hint of fall in the air for me.

Depending on your temperament, the end of summer is either poignant, a time for reflection on the late-night porch dinners with friends, perhaps, or is bracing, a time to gear up and get organized for school days or the eventual holiday season.

But one thing summer's memoirists and winter's warriors can agree on is a sale at Castle in the Air. Whether you want a hand-bound journal or album to record your memories of summertime's parties or a day-planner to get your schedule sorted, we've got it at the shop and it's on sale this weekend. The store will be joining many of our neighbors along Fourth Street this Saturday in the annual Summer Sidewalk Sale, with discounts of 40-60%. What's more, our shop will have its own sale on Friday and Sunday, with 25% off nearly everything in the store (excluding classes and selected items).

With all the shops bringing their wares to the sidewalk to mingle with shoppers and the live music along Fourth Street, it's like our own little summer sendoff. Hope to see you there!

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Anonymous said...

too good to miss!!!!! It's funny when you hear the word "SALE" how much stuff you decide you really need!!!!!