Monday, September 7, 2009

Back from the Dead!

We were all smitten with this hapless fellow the day Ulla Milbrath brought him in to Castle in the Air. He's our sample for Ulla's Dia de Los Muertos Shadowbox class. He once lived a vibrant life, but sadly died of a broken heart. Ulla took pity on the little guy and arranged his bones inside a pretty little casket decorated with velvet and Dresden trim. A candle sits on top of the casket and the door is hinged in case he ever gets a little more life in his bones.

Speaking of which, the Shadowbox class sold out so quickly that Ulla's agreed to teach it a second time, on Friday, October 30. Whether you missed the opportunity to sign up for the class originally, or if you're just now meeting this charming but brokenhearted box of bones, now's your chance to make your own Dia de Los Muertos Shadowbox. See you then!

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