Monday, December 1, 2008

The Great Glass Pickle Pursuit

Among the hundreds and hundreds of decorations hanging from the Christmas tree here at Castle in the Air, there is one which stands out from the rest. Or perhaps it is better to say, it doesn't stand out. That decoration is our humble pickle, a glass ornament with a peculiar legend surrounding it.

The pickle ornament has been hung from the Christmas tree for generations, a tradition which has passed to America from Germany. The first family child to find the pickle ornament on the tree gets the honor of an additional gift from Saint Nicholas on Christmas Day, and the first adult is bestowed with good luck for the coming year.

Or so we thought! Following a bit of research on the subject, we discovered that we'd been tricked about the history of the pickle ornament. Apparently, hardly anyone in Germany observes this tradition, or has even heard of it. Furthermore, Saint Nick visits German children much earlier in December than Christmas, and the children open presents on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. (We're hoping against hope that the good luck for grown-ups legend is true, though!)

But aren't debunkers such party-poopers? They just want to take the fun and mystery out of life. To counteract their naysaying, Castle in the Air hereby inaugurates the Great Glass Pickle Pursuit. To take part in the G.G.P.P., simply visit our Online Shoppe and find the special glass pickle ornament we've hidden there. Don't be fooled by the ornament listed along with all our German glass ornaments -- the pickle you're looking for is special. You'll know it when you see it.

And your prize? Between now and Christmas (or until we run out of pickles), any customer who finds our special hidden pickle will be entitled to purchase one special pickle ornament for only six cents, with purchase of one or more regularly-priced items. And that's no myth! Good luck!

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I had been searching for that picture of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria at the Christmas tree, and am so happy to have found it on your lovely site!! What a lot of interesting articles you have, too! Thank you!

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