Monday, September 8, 2014

Queen for a Day! Crown Tutorial

What you will need:
2 Dresden CrownsCrepe PaperFlorist WireBest Ever Stapler, Jewels, Glitter Glue, Ribbon or Cord, Alcohol Ink Pens, Skewer, Scissors, Wire Cutter, Tacky Glue

Begin by covering the back of one of the crowns with glue.

Glue crown to a piece of crepe paper and trim the crepe to the edge of the crown.

Bend piece of florist wire so that it runs the length of the crown and has loops on either end.

Staple the wire loops to the crown.

Cut a strip of crepe to cover the wire and glue it down.

Decorate your crown with alcohol ink, jewels, and glitter glue.

Bend the crown to fit your head and tie with ribbon.

Make it your own and celebrate in style!


peggy gatto said...

Love this idea!

Marfi-topia said...

Thank you for the great instructions:)
Have a great night!

Tristan Robin said...

Shopping list: Dresden crowns!