Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Cigar Band Ring: A Romantic Classic

Here is Castle in the Air's take on the Cigar Band Ring!

Cigar Band Ring Kit - includes 5 vintage cigar bands, 5 ring blanks, Dresden trim, brass sheeting, adhesive copper
Helmar Craft Glue or Fabri-Tac
Fine Tip Permanent Felt Pen

Trace the shape of the cigar band onto a piece of brass sheeting. Cut the brass to fit the cigar band and glue the two pieces together. Center the ring blank on the back of the brass piece and glue it down.

Cut two pieces of adhesive copper to the approximate size of the cigar band. Expose the adhesive back of the first piece of copper and stick it onto the back of the band, sandwiching the ring blank. Trim the copper back to the edge of the cigar band.

Expose the adhesive back of the second piece of copper and stick it to the first sheet, giving the ring a double layer of copper. Trim the second piece of copper to the shape of the ring, but this time leave a 1/16" margin around the band. Fold the extra copper over the front of the ring and seal the edge.

Glue a strip of dresden trim around the edge of the ring to give the piece a finished look. Once the glue has dried, slowly bend the ring to fit.

Give the ring as a sweet token of friendship and affection to someone special.

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