Monday, January 27, 2014

A Year in Venice with Castle in the Air

Castle in the Air is going to Carnival! Next month my husband Duncan and I will be among 20 friends traveling to Venice for a fortnight among the revelers, taking in the pageantry of one of the most spectacular celebrations in the world. You're invited to join us, either through the images we post online or by visiting the shop to see what treasures we bring home.

Perhaps the most iconic images of Carnival are of the costumes. Ours have been months in the planning, and now we're getting down to pulling together all the pieces.

As the year unfolds, the shop itself will transform into a Venetian wonderland. You'll be able to find fabulous masks, intricately printed sheet papers, and other exquisite supplies for your projects, whether you're planning a trip to Venice yourself or simply want to bring its medieval marvels into your own life.

Dresden Jewelry by John McRae

We'll post updates on our trip over the next several weeks. Keep in touch by checking back here and on Facebook and Instagram. Ciao!

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