Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fit to Print

Today's San Francisco Chronicle features a very nice profile of me. You can read it here. I think the article conveys very well the great joy that I feel for my work. Of course, it is the rich community of artists and supporters that gives meaning to what I do and keeps this Castle in the Air!


Shelley Noble said...

How nice! You're someone worth knowing. Great you are getting even more known in the world.

nocreamcorn said...

What a great article! I'm so happy to have read it, as I've always been curious as to who the shop owner is. Inspiration, wherever it comes from is always such a great thing. Thank you Karima, for keeping imagination and whimsy alive, for motivating us to create or to at least take time to be in wonder of all the little things life has to offer! Castle in the Air is a testament to the magic that exists in the world!