Monday, December 3, 2012

Presenting the Mouse Castle

There is a sensation in the window this season at Castle in the Air! The "Mouse Castle" is an ornate multi-story madcap palace made from toy castles, accordions, tiny tables and shelving, vintage toys, and an endless cascade of knick-knacks. Each room in the castle is an assemblage inhabited by eccentric and colorful mice, including a wizard, a ballerina, a seamstress, a flying ace, a snow queen astride a camel, and Kris Kringle, all of them ready to celebrate the season.

The "Mouse Castle" is the invention of two of Castle in the Air's artists, John McRae and Ulla Milbrath, who have been creating similar, smaller miniature wonders like this at the shop for years. This kind of collaboration and friendly competition--with each of us raising the bar for the others--is what keeps all our imaginations fresh at the shop. This year's big display certainly takes the spectacle to a new level, and offers hints of what students can expect at Ulla and John's Baba Yaga's Mouse House class at Castle in the Air this coming February 16 and 17. 

People are coming from near and far to marvel at our little mouse friends and their quirky home and we would like to share the delight with the rest of our fans the world over. For the month of December I will be posting photos and stories from the "Mouse Castle" to readers on our Facebook page. Everyday a new surprise!

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