Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Autumn Classes are Here!

As Autumn arrives with golden light,  crisp air, and crunching leaves; we at Castle in the Air offer you our fresh, full lineup of Fall Classes. Take a leaf out of those students' books in the back to school tradition, and come learn something new in our colorful classroom.  
Try your hand at old favorites such as the Fairy Tale Frog Prince, the Hinged Walnut Box, and the Heirloom Glass Ornament; or sign up for one of our exciting new classes in which one can craft Magical Mushrooms, Hungarian Christmas Stockings, or a Honeycomb Book. 
John Cage tells us that "the only rule is work, if you work it will lead to something," while Picasso encourages us to play and create as children so naturally do. Work and play, play and create. These are our instructions for you this Autumn. Come learn a new craft, come flex your artistic muscles, come use your hands, and return to that sweet place of making and creating. We hope to see you soon.  

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