Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anandamayi and Her Seven Dresses

The Golden Gate Bridge will never cease to be cared for, day in and day out. Its constant upkeep endures, like a heartbeat. Painters will always be painting International Orange, ironworkers will always be replacing corroding steel and weary rivets. What is it about the Bay Area's majestic landmark that inspires such dedicated labor, loyalty, intrigue, and admiration?

Our dear friend Anandamayi Arnold joined fourteen other contemporary artists in making artwork within this very question. Their work is now displayed at Fort Point, in its tribute exhibition to the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary, International Orange. In her own contribution, Anandamayi crafted seven, life-sized crepe paper dresses. The seven dresses now stand in commemoration of the original Fiesta Queens who graced the bridge’s opening ceremonies in 1937, each representing a county that contributed to the funding of the bridge. 
In revisiting this tradition, Anandamayi followed her curiosities to and through each county. She met with residents in each place, inquiring about what comes to mind and heart when thinking of their homeland, and used her findings to inform the imagery and design of each dress.
The dresses will be at Fort point for two more months, as International Orange will close on October 28th. If you have not yet paid them a visit, we highly recommend that you do so!
Photographs courtesy of International Orange,  SFGate and San Francisco Art Enthusiast