Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Step On Out

Last week I taught the Czech marionette-making class at the shop. There are particular phases in any class -- in any artistic project, for that matter -- and the small size of this class made two of them stand out more strongly.

There was the Wondering phase:
Am I on the right track? Will this turn out well? Do I know what I'm doing at all? But the answer to all those internal doubts and fears came parading in before long. Look at this dancing skeleton from one of the students! The Unveiling phase came, and all our marionettes had such life and joy in them.

The classroom that had seemed sparsely populated before was suddenly very full!


Shelley Noble said...

You know, Karmia, I hope you'll "write up" these phases you've recognized of the creative process. (Maybe a few of the Castle instructors would contribute the ones they've observed as well!?)

I've never heard anyone else refer to these sorts of moments in the making process. And find it so exciting to hear that someone else has been noticing them too!

So helpful to know that these feelings and thoughts are not mine alone.

bybido said...

I hope to take this class at some point. I hope it's offered again sometime later this year.

Looks like you taught it just fine :)