Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rain and Roses

The weather is all over the map today in Berkeley, stormy one moment and sunny the next. The sound of the rain lashing against the window reminds me why the shop's traffic is a bit slower today, at least compared to the busy opening days of the new gallery show and the mad run-up to Valentine's Day with all the lovers buying sweet gifts.

This pause also is giving me time to get around to showing you some of the sweet mail we've received. The Blue Castle Badger went gaga over this selection of colorful cards from Peggy in Alamo, California. She also included this peace-sign button with a rose on it, reminding us of all the flowers that will bloom after the rainy season is through. Thank you, Peggy!


peggy gatto said...

Hey, thanks!!!
So glad you enjoyed your mail!!!
Love your place and sure hope I can take another class this spring!

peggy gatto said...

I posted your shop link on my blog and also your wonderful badge I received!
Thank you!!!!!!

Ann said...

came from Peggy's blog!! so glad I did!! I'll be back!!