Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Festive Garlands

Over the weekend we continued our Halloween play by festooning the shop with crepe paper garlands. All of us who were working on Saturday joined in the fun of cutting and ruffling crepe paper to make them.

Daniel was the mastermind behind the project and
came up with a simple and clever design for making striking, twirling, garland swags. He started by using decorative scissors to cut 6-inch wide strips from our crepe paper rolls. The strips are the entire length of the roll long. Then he glued little half-inch wide decorative strips of contrasting color crepe down the center of both sides of the garland. Lastly we all joined in stretching the edges of the garlands to make the edges ruffle and create the twirl.The variegated crepe and the batik crepe were my favorites because they create garlands that change color as they twist -- and I am always one to believe more is more! We were all surprised to see what a great impact the little bit of crepe had once hung in a jaunty display. It puts us in the mood to celebrate!

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Shelley Noble said...

Perfect timing! I'm just figuring how to make tiny garlands for the bugs party here!