Monday, October 18, 2010

Deep in the Forest

One minute around 4 o'clock today, John and Roanne were downstairs minding the shop, about to say hello to a nice woman named Sara who was carrying the most intriguing little dollhouse. The next minute they'd been whisked away into a forest wonderland, or more precisely, into a cozy home in the middle of a magical wood.

The inhabitants -- a family of bears, an owl, and a serious-looking little man (you can see him standing on the ledge at the top of the second picture here) -- invited them to stay and have tea. How could they say no?
After a splendid afternoon tea of dried fish, hot peppers, and wine (the bottle got knocked underneath the table in all the revelry), Roanne and John found themselves back at Castle in the Air, where Sara chuckled as she closed the doors to her enchanted tree-stump doll house. It seems this kind of transporting tea-time happens quite a bit when she's around!

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Shelley Noble said...

Charming! I thought--for a moment--that Miss Sara's friend's home had a ghost above their dining hall!