Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roll Up for the Wonderful Snow Baby Box!

If you're on the Castle Crier email list, you have already heard about the newest little friend to be found at Castle in the Air -- The Snow Baby! This cutie sits atop a glittery snowball, one that is secretly a box that opens to reveal candies or whatever other holiday treats you put in it.

The Snow Baby Box project was sparked by my visit to the awe-inspiring Golden Glow of Christmas Past convention this summer, where over 1000 aficionados of antique holiday ornaments get together to swap stories and vintage items. There were so many little Snow Babies there made of cotton batting and wire. I knew I'd have to try my hand at making one when I got home.

We've posted the instructions for making your own Snow Baby Box at the Castle in the Air Online Shoppe homepage. You can also pick up the Snow Baby Box Kit there -- enjoy!


Boxwood Cottage said...

Your snow baby box is absolutely enchanting Karima!!!
Thank you so much for making and sharing these wonderful instructions, that is so nice of you!!!
Luckily I have all the needed supplies on hand here so that I can make my own snow baby next weekend :)
I was just searching for more ideas on what to do with the paper maché balls, so your instructions came at the very best time!
Sending you warmest wishes from Boxwood Cottage
xoxo Carola

Castle in the Air said...

Sending warm wishes from Berkeley to you!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the instructions!

Linz said...

The snow baby box is precious! I love it! Thank you!

Do you mind if I put up items from your shop once in a while, with a link to your shop (of course), on my blog?

I'd really like to showcase beautiful and unique items on my blog. I've already posted a personal blog showcasing your shop because I absolutely *love* Castle in the Air.

I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work!

Castle in the Air said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for the kind words. We are honored to have such a fan. Of course you are welcome to post about items from the Castle blog. We are especially grateful for people getting the craft projects into the hands of people who might love to make them!
Sending my best,