Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The First Light of Advent

This morning was a special one at my house, as I'm sure it was in the homes of many of my friends and customers -- the first day of Advent! Our Advent calendars and other traditions mark the procession of days to Christmas Eve. One new Advent item we've got at the shop is the Advent candle. These white tapers are over a foot tall and have a festive Christmas tree printed up the side. There is a number and an ornament for each of the 24 days in Advent. Sitting with one of these Advent candles is surely an antidote to all the hoopla that's part of the holiday season.


Ulla said...

Oh my, this is so funny! Guess what I just brought home from Minnesota? This exact same candle... I was so worried I'd break it in my suitcase... Should have guessed you would have sourced it out before I could!

Castle in the Air said...

I try!