Friday, December 11, 2009

A real troll?

Ever since we started the Castle in the Air weblog last fall, we've received emails from people who never would have heard of us otherwise. They often want to know more about the products and classes we offer, and sometimes they have questions about how to use a particular sort of craft material. Occasionally, though, the messages fall into the "special case" category. Here's one such note we received this morning:

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to you from Finland and have something to tell you about that you may find interesting because your website is about the gnomes and trolls and such things as this. I always laughed when I heard of these creatures, even here where there is so much of them in the folk stories. But today I didn't laugh when I was driving through a part of the highway in Kurikka, because there I can tell you I saw something strange. A picture I have put in this email is of what I saw. I am very sorry for the quality because it is not very good, but I think what I saw might be one of the trolls of this country. I thought it was a bear maybe but it moved like no bear I have seen. Can you show it to your experts and tell me what they know of it? Maybe you can solve this strange mystery. I thank you!!! A new believer, Nils Hiekkalinna

Of course, Castle in the Air does have a few "experts" on hand in the field of troll identification, so we've sent Nils' picture on to them and will report back as soon as we can. Mysterious indeed!


rochambeau said...

Dear Karima,
You receive the best letters!
Hope your holidays are happy and sparkling so far!!!

tamerajane said...

oh yay, you have a blog! i met you the other day in your shop, i'd just moved to the neighborhood.

i did link a paper crown in a gift guide on my blog (and got one for myself as a birthday crown!):

thanks again for having such an amazing little nook of treasures!

Clint Marsh said...

I remember you! That's some amazing Muertos makeup you've got on in your picture.

Mr. Marsh