Friday, November 13, 2009

Rubber Stamping Wood Grain

Up in the classroom at Castle in the Air, John McRae's been busy constructing a truly marvelous seasonal surprise. You'll have to wait just a few more days before we show you John's invention, but in the meantime, here's a look at an interesting part of its construction.

John is a true blue do-it-yourselfer, so when he needed some planks with gnarly grain for a detail on the project, he decided to make them himself. He applied a coat of brown acrylic paint to a smooth board, then immediately went to work with his wood grain rubber stamp. Here's a video where John shows us how it's done. He says the secret is in rocking the curved stamp back and forth as he glides it along the board. Enjoy!


Caron Dunn said...

love it! love it! love it! I want one of those too!!!! I wanna play!

Shelley Noble said...

Really nice to see this. Makes me think of other possible patterns that might be made via a dragging motion. Mr. McRae is a treasure of the castle.