Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Glass for Bonnie Prince Charlie

by Raphaella

Following Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat and exile, his Jacobite supporters among the clans of Scotland were suppressed to the point where they could no longer openly display clan regalia. Instead, they began to express their support for their "king over the water" by etching coded symbols and initials into their glassware. The picture just below the portrait of Prince Charlie is of some surviving examples of Jacobite glassware. We made some of our own this morning -- you can click the picture to see more detail.


Shelley Noble said...

Fabulous! Learning history and art and storytelling in one go! I love the watercolor here!

elemental mother said...

So Sweet! I LOVE IT!!! Just makes me thrilled, inspired, and a *little* envious, but mostly just soaring to see the joy of expression in learning and creativity! Heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

How did you do those glasses?
They are fabulous.....and so's the portrait of the Bonnie Prince, I might add....xoxo

Castle toys said...

Lovely glassware, very well done!

rochambeau said...

The glasses look fabulous Karima!!
Like the watercolor very much too!