Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"This is just to say..."

Plum season is in full swing in Berkeley, and no matter if you hold your head up or let it hang down, you're going to see these sweet fruits. It doesn't last forever, though, so my family always gets as many as we can reach from the trees or in the grass. We stayed up late last night to make two plum cakes and five jars of jam. With 2/3 of a pound of sugar for every pound of fruit, the jam is like having candy on toast at breakfast!


gail said...

Hi,,, I wanted to stop by and tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. Your website is beautiful! I love your art. Just gorgeous!!
Have a pretty day, Gail

rochambeau said...

Yum! Sounds great! Plum tarts~

Anonymous said...

what about the recipe for that plum cake...yum!!!!!