Monday, July 13, 2009

Pages and People: Meighan Clough

One of the best things about our blog and Online Shoppe at Castle in the Air is the constant reminders it gives us of the people behind the various products and other items around the store. The web pages are like leaves in a scrapbook that tells part of the story of the shop and all the friends who've made it into such a magical place.

Meighan Clough is one such friend who I was reminded of recently.
Meighan was one of the first artists to work at Castle in the Air. She introduced the lively March Hare to our store, and her jester greeting card is on the racks here every Christmas season.

Meighan's in London now, married and following her dreams as a graphic designer and illustrator. It's wonderful to know that while the Castle in the Air family tree's roots dig deeper, and the trunk broadens with each year, that its branches extend all the way to Meighan's new home in England. You can see what she's up to at her portfolio and prints and cards websites.

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