Friday, May 15, 2009

Having a Wild Weekend

Aside from hailing all the amazing new changes at Castle in the Air, I'm also celebrating all the wonderful and bold changes that happened when my husband, Duncan, and I married each other ten years ago today. This Tarot card image (from Magic Realist Press' The Victorian Romantic Tarot by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov) is about having graceful strength as we move through all that life brings our way. It's a good talisman for anyone, married or not. But I didn't choose it for its symbolism. No, Duncan and I honeymooned on the savannah in Africa, and this weekend we're having our tenth-anniversary honeymoon at Safari West, an African wildlife preserve right here in Northern California!


MaxieNorth said...

congrats you guys! Much love to you both. - Barbara

The Joy of Nesting said...


My wish for you and Duncan is for you to have 10x100 more wonderful and happy anniversaries. Have a wonderful "safari" and make lots of happy memories :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Shelley Noble said...

Hardy Congratulations to you both! Smashing good!

rochambeau said...

Congratulations Karima to you and Duncan. Isn't it great to have a partner to dance through life with?
I've been married to Pete for 10 years too. But, we've been together 16.

Cheers to you.
Also, I saw the photos of your upstairs at Ulla's class. Looks great!
There is SO much to celebrate!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary....What a cool honeymoon you had!!

Anonymous said...

I wish for you to have many more happy and healthy years together, too. By the you read the Tarot? xoxox

Castle in the Air said...

Thank you all for the wonderful well wishes!!

We are back from a wild time. A lovely time indeed!

With all my best,