Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fanciful and Fresh for 2009

We got a request from a faraway friend for some photos of Castle in the Air now that inventory's done. Happy to oblige!

To me, inv
entory is a natural and necessary extension of the holiday season. Without resting from the buildup to Christmas and New Year's Eve, every January we dive right into the transformation of Castle in the Air from a Yuletide fairytale back into an everyday (albeit marvelous) shop. In fact, for the past three days the store has looked just like a living room on Christmas afternoon, with exploded paper and boxes everywhere and fantastic treasures scattered underfoot, just waiting for someone to find them a home. We welcome the new year by restoring our house--the shop--to order. It was after midnight last night when we put the final touches on the new displays, and this morning we opened our doors to the world once more.

The end of inventory always leaves me feeling a sense of spaciousness and refreshing calm. Castle in the Air is now something speci
al and new not because of visions of razzle-dazzle, but because after weeks of the blinding glitz of Christmas we can finally regain sight of the quieter, simpler objects in the store. The shelves are cleaned and restocked with new wonders. Sometimes these are old favorites, but there are always a few fantastic products that somehow slipped between the cracks during the course of the year. Now is the time for them to all get a new lease on life. Our front window now features a delightfully whimsical seller of baskets and birds. Simple wickerworks and sweet warblers are just the right speed for the beginning of the year!


Anonymous said...

I love those window dandies!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could visit! I miss the Bay Area.

So wonderful to hear from you the other day. I tried to email, but it bounced back. Hope you are doing well and do hope I can visit in 2009.


Sandra Evertson said...

Here's to starting an adventurous and creative New Year! And I'm so glad you liked your teeny little dolLs!
Sandra Evertson