Thursday, July 2, 2015

Italian Calligrapher Massimo Polello at Castle in the Air

We’re delirious with excitement as we prepare to welcome master calligrapher Massimo Polello to Castle in the Air next weekend. He will be flying from his home in Turin, Italy to teach our two-day Expressive Italic workshop.

The hand of Massimo Polello is familiar to calligraphers and artists around the world. His work imbues classic Renaissance lettering with painterly, almost sculptural qualities, and has been the subject of solo exhibitions throughout Italy and internationally. Polello’s dynamic approach merges a time-honored art with a sensibility and materials that are thoroughly modern.

Polello will begin the workshop by presenting basic letterforms, then teach dynamic techniques for personal expression in handwriting. Using pens and alternative instruments to play with proportion, speed, and rhythm, Polello’s students will charge their own calligraphy with new levels of vitality and drama. A culminating project will serve as a guide for students who wish to develop their expressive writing style further.

It’s a tremendous honor for us to host Massimo Polello this summer, and it’s a reminder of how Castle in the Air’s reputation has spread beyond the bounds of our little shop in Berkeley. With each season of classes we greet a mix of new and familiar students, and our roster of teachers keeps growing to include both local lights and international stars.

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