Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Carnival Adventures in Where Women Create

There are no two ways about it: Jo Packham is a creative catalyzer. She’s thrived as a book and magazine publisher for more than 35 years, championing countless women who make the world more wonderful through their art and businesses. And even with so much on her plate, Jo is always professional, upbeat, and supportive every time we talk.

 I can’t say enough good things about her, which is why it was such an honor when Jo asked to run a story about our Carnival adventure in her flagship magazine, Where Women Create. The spring 2015 issue has six luscious pages of photos and a narrative of our journey to Venice last spring.

 Beyond the thrill of reliving that magical trip, I love leafing through the rest of the issue and reading about other women’s creative triumphs. This kind of sharing creates a social space that’s easy to forget about when we’re focused on our own worlds. Each of us is doing our own thing, but what Where Women Create reminds me is that we all have the chance to lift each other up by sharing ideas and rubbing elbows, whether we’re all sat at a party in Venice or side by side in the pages of such a fantastic magazine. Thank you, Jo!


lana kloch said...

how wonderful, karima.. it's been too long since your fabulous store and life has been featured. thank you for providing us with such a magical place to be and create.

peggy gatto said...

Congratulations on a beautiful article!!