Thursday, May 15, 2014

13 Gifts for You! (Part 2 of 3)

Castle in the Air’s 13th-anniversary celebration continues! To mark this special occasion, we’re giving away 13 gifts to the people who have helped us thrive over the years—you!

Our second batch of giveaways is especially for those who love Dromedary Press and the literary arts. Hurry and claim your gifts! These prizes are available only during the month of May, and some of them are limited in quantity.

Second Batch: Literary Treasure Trove

Gift 5: An autographed copy of Pirate & Hoopoe (Only 13 available! In-store only!)
Karima Cammell has autographed 13 copies of her multiple award-winning book Pirate & Hoopoe, and she wants to share them with you. Don’t delay to claim yours—they are only available to visitors to the shop who bring in a printout of this coupon. Ask for yours at the front counter downstairs!

Gift 6: Pirate & Hoopoe: The Sixth Tale Download
Musician Tamsen Fynn offered us a beautiful recording of Pirate & Hoopoe’s sixth chapter, and we’re happy to pass the gift along. Visit the official Pirate & Hoopoe website to download your free MP3, which follows the adventure of Giant Otter and Traka as they swim down the River and into the Salty Sea.

Gift 7: A copy of Karima Cammell’s Glowan
The end of the day has come, and the insects, animals, and magical creatures are coming out to celebrate in the gloaming. Join the party with your very own copy of Karima Cammell’s picture-story Glowan, which begins as a tiny little book but opens up to 12 times its size! Bring in a printed copy of this coupon to receive your copy, or put it in an envelope and mail it to us with your address.

Gift 8: Copperplate Calligraphy Instruction Download
If you’re ready to write a story of your own, why not do it in a beautiful hand? Alice Armstrong is a beloved artist and teacher at Castle in the Air, and one of her latest creations for us is an instruction sheet to help beginners learn Copperplate calligraphy. Come in for a dip pen, nib, and ink and you’ll be writing beautiful Copperplate letters in no time.

Gift 9: Publishing a Children’s Book (Only 13 available! In-store only!)
Once your story is written, it’s time to share it with the world! Dromedary Press is giving away 13 copies of its popular pamphlet Publishing a Children’s Book. The booklet takes you step-by-step through the process, starting by helping you think of the act of publishing as a gift that you give to yourself and others. Turn your dreaming into doing! Bring in a printed copy of this coupon to receive your copy.

Our final four gifts will be revealed soon! Remember, Castle in the Air email list members hear all the news first, so if you’re not already on the list, join today!

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jami Hewitt said...

You are the sweetest! Thanks for all the lovely downloads ! Wishing you many more years of happiness & success!!!

Unknown said...

More wonderful download gifts! Castle In the air, you really know how to please and enchant your customers! I love the downloads and plan to purchase some antique cards via the web; will be dropping in in a few days to see what other treasures you magicians offer!

Beanie Green

Unknown said...

I love CASTLES IN THE AIR my favorite store..or my favorite place of magic and enchantment! The download gifts are wonderful, thank you so very much. You certainly value your customers! I will be coming to Berkeley in a few days to once again be delighted by all your wares. I appreciate your kindess

Beanie Green
Belmont, CA

Marfi-topia said...

How sweet!
Congratulations on 13 years:)