Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Della Robbia Fruit Swag

Inspired by 15th century Italian Della Robbia ceramics, Castle in the Air has put together a kit to make a beautiful 32" fruit swag. The kit includes all the materials required for the project, including spun cotton fruit, wire, olive green crepe paper, velvet leaves, and hand-dyed silk ribbon. You will also need a good craft glue such as Aleene's Tacky Glue

Begin by wrapping the wire with a strip of green crepe paper. This prevents the wires on the fruit from slipping when they are attached. We suggest you apply small beads of glue to the crepe paper and stretch it as you wrap. This results in a tight wrap without a big glue mess.

Make a loop at each end of the wire and finish the loops with crepe paper and glue.

 Beginning with the largest fruits, determine where to place them along the swag. We find that a symmetric design works very well.

 Wrap the fruit wires tightly around the crepe covered wire.

Fill in with the smaller fruits, saving the smallest for last.

Divide the leaf bunch into 6 smaller clusters of leaves.

Add the leaves to the arrangement and separate and gently curl them so that they appear natural.

Cover the mess of wires on the back of the swag by wrapping a fresh strip of green crepe paper around the wire between the fruits. There is no need to use glue for this step. If a fruit falls off its stem it is easy enough to glue it back on.

Tie pieces of silk ribbon onto each end at the loops and hang. Finito!

You can click HERE to purchase the kit.

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