Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Night Harvest

Paintings and Drawings by Laurey Foulkes
October 4 - October 31, 2012

Pink Moon, by Laurey Foulkes, 2010
Birds held in mid-flight, a figure emerging from the earth, the solitary hand that stands tall above the grass; all appear amidst charged, surreal landscapes. In this collection of work, Laurey Foulkes explores the liminal space between the waking and dreaming mind, the self and the archetypes housed within, and her own intimate connection to the natural world. Working with oil on canvas, gouache, watercolor, and charcoal on paper; Laurey distills the language of dreams, personal history, and the remembered landscapes of youth in her mysterious pictorial space. 
Laurey grew up in Los Angeles, California, among a family full of artists, musicians, and animators. After receiving a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design, she taught art education, worked as an animator for Disney, and eventually moved to the Bay Area to start a family and continue her artistic practice. Laurey currently lives in El Cerrito, California, with her husband, daughter, cat, hamster, several fish, and lots of snails.
“A Studio for the Imagination,” Castle in the Air’s shop and classroom have ­inspired local and visiting artists since 2001. Since its opening in 2009, the ­gallery in our upstairs loft has quite literally taken the inspiration to new heights and provided a venue to showcase current and historical works.
In celebration of both Laurey’s work and Castle in the Air’s 11th birthday, we invite you to an evening of live music, cake, and champagne!

Opening reception Thursday, October 4, 6 p.m.
Gallery open 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. every day

Castle in the Air
1805 Fourth Street, Berkeley, Calif. 94710
(510) 204-9801, www.castleintheair.biz

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