Friday, May 11, 2012

Pirate & Hoopoe: The Sixth Tale Audio Book

Fans of Pirate & Hoopoe will surely share my excitement over the release of Pirate & Hoopoe: The Sixth Tale, an audio version of the book's Giant Otter chapter. This dramatic reading was performed by voice actor and musician Tamsen Fynn and was recorded at the Berkeley studio of Alexis Harte.

Tamsen offered to lend her voice to the project as a gift to us, and we're passing along the gift to you in the form of a free download or listen via the new website, If you enjoy it, please pass the story along to those dear to you. Anyone who would like to have a CD version of The Sixth Tale can purchase through the Pirate & Hoopoe website or via the Castle in the Air Online Shoppe.

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