Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pirate & Hoopoe Published

The wait is over -- Pirate & Hoopoe is finally here! The book is back from the press and has turned out even more beautiful than we ever imagined it could be.
If you haven't yet seen the book, I hope you'll come by Castle in the Air to check it out. John McRae constructed a giant version of the book, one so big you'll feel like you can jump right into the story. It now dominates the shop's front window along with stacks of the red hardcovers and the earthware coffee mugs featuring the logo of the novel's corporate pirates.
We've spent much of the past month filling all the pre-orders for the book, including mailing gift-packs to our many Kickstarter supporters. If you are among that number, you should have already received your Pirate & Hoopoe gift-pack.
At the moment we're just finishing the first round of our publicity mailing, in an attempt to get the word out. If you know of a magazine, newspaper, or book blog that might be a good candidate to review Pirate & Hoopoe, please pass their information along to us.

We are planning a book release party to be held at the store in the next few months and will post the details here once they are finalized.

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Shelley Noble said...

Congratulations! A big day at the Castle deserving of a big window feature! Well done!