Thursday, November 17, 2011

Help Pirate & Hoopoe Take Flight

Pirate & Hoopoe
A Grand Illustrated Adventure Novel

by Diarmid Cammell

Illustrated by Karima Cammell

“Wall Street meets The Jungle Book”

I’m very proud to announce that a long-held dream of mine is on the verge of becoming reality! Pirate & Hoopoe is a grand illustrated novel in the tradition of the best of them. It’s going to press very soon, and we want to invite you to join the adventure!

My desire to publish Pirate & Hoopoe was what drove me, ten years ago, to open Castle in the Air, a haven where artists and dreamers could come together to create, learn, and follow their passions. Every day I hear from people who’ve moved closer to their artistic goals thanks to our shop and classroom, and each story fills me with joy.

If you've been inspired by Castle in the Air and want to show your appreciation, now is a great time! I've teamed up with, an "all-or-nothing" fundraising website, to help with this deluxe hardcover's massive printing bill and pre-sell copies of
Pirate & Hoopoe to the people who want it most.

In return for your generosity, you'll receive one of a number of gift packs I've put together based on the story and artwork of
Pirate & Hoopoe. All pledges of $50 or more will be rewarded with a copy of the book itself.

Kickstarter makes it easy to donate any amount, but there's a catch: we won't see a cent unless we raise our goal before time runs out!

The making of
Pirate & Hoopoe has been one of the most transformative projects of my life. I would be grateful beyond words to have your support at any level as I make my dream a reality.

Click this link to go to the Kickstarter page and watch our video about Pirate & Hoopoe.

Dream big!

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