Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Suitable Chimera

Spring has arrived and the animals have emerged from their hidey-holes and taken over the gallery at Castle in the Air. Classically trained in watercolor, oils, and Chinese brush painting, Santa Rosa artist Sharon Eisley has transformed our upstairs into a jolly menagerie.

Wanting to give traditional portraiture a twist, Eisley started swapping out the heads of her subjects with those of animals a few years ago. More recently, she's taken to repainting well-known works so that they now feature her "animeople" (that's "anim(al)-(p)eople"). They're lovely and wry and so much fun. I hope you can join us for the reception the night of Thursday, April 14.

A Suitable Chimera
The Animeople Portraits of Sharon Eisley
April 1 through May 15

Gallery open 11 am - 6 pm every day

Reception with Light Refreshments
Thursday, April 14, 6 - 9 pm

Castle in the Air
1805 Fourth Street, Berkeley, Calif. 94710
(510) 204-9801

Read the full invitation and press release.

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