Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something's in the Air...

...and it looks a lot like love! Baby New Year was pleased to step aside when he saw this flying box of bon-bons soaring toward the window at Castle in the Air. Now that it's hovering expectantly in space just inside the shop, we all can gaze on it and marvel at all the promised delights inside.

Our own John McRae decorated the heart-shaped box with crepe paper, red roses sheet paper, and Dresden trim. The sweets inside--each of them a box that could be filled with more sugary goodness--he made starting with our papier-mache boxes, various sheet papers, ribbon, scrap, and other wonders.

After a love-hungry Lothario gobbled up one of John's bon-bons, we replaced it with the Ulla Milbrath paper cuts heart box pictured below. If you'd like to learn how to make one, be sure to sign up for Ulla's Paper Cuts Heart Box class this coming Sunday.


rochambeau said...

John made a fabulous flying heart! Please tell him I said so.
Hope your new year is going very well Karima!


Serena said...

Of course, such an imaginative window display had to be the work of the wildly talented, John McRae! I would love for him to teach a class on how to make this box of faux candy :0)