Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Wrap-Up

If your holiday gift opening sessions are like mine, there are moments when the opened gifts can’t be seen amidst a sea of wrapping paper and ribbons. I tend to love the paper as much as anything it covered, and I often reuse my wrapping paper year after year. Perhaps because of this, I usually put off buying paper from the store to add to my own stock at home and I’m always using the last scraps, just as if I were one of the Cobbler’s Children.

But look at this! We’ve just added 42 new styles of sheet paper to the racks at the store, and to the Online Shoppe as well. I love how thick it is, and the vibrant colors spark my imagination. So I admit, I stocked up on these for the holidays, and now that the gift-wrapping has given over to gift-opening, I plan to use the paper for any number of other purposes: drawer-lining, wallpapering the doll’s house, covering books, cutting up for crafts, and saving a selection for the next gift I need to wrap.

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Shelley Noble said...

SO lovely, so tempting, so luscious!