Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Gnomevember!

The month between Halloween and the cracking open of the first door on our Advent calendars is known at Castle in the Air as Gnomevember. It's a month of paradoxes, one where we tease the gnomes as much as they tease us, even though now is the time of year when we need their help most of all.

So last night everyone at the shop shared a table with the gnomes (and some candy and cookies -- remnants of our Halloween hauls) to map out the terrain between now and the end of the year. Even if you haven't yet begun to think about the holidays, they've been foremost in our minds for several weeks now, and they were our main topic of discussion and planning.

Without giving away many details now, I can tell you that we and the gnomes are ready to bring you another over the top holiday extravaganza, complete with two floors of treasures and more Christmas trees than we've ever had before. The last of our wonders from around the world are speeding toward Castle in the Air, and when you don't see one of us in the shop, rest assured that we are tucked just behind a curtain somewhere, sorting all of the marvels that will be on display. By Saturday, November 20, Castle in the Air will be transformed into a winter wonderland, and we hope you'll come in between then and the end of the year to take it all in.

Last night's meeting helped me to realize that much of my own preparations for the holidays will be taking place in the Castle in the Air classroom. I'm planning to attend several classes in the coming days, in order to make gifts to give to friends. My older daughter is begging to come along to a few of the classes, too. Be sure to check our class offerings to see that you don't miss out on your chance to make one or more of the beautiful projects taught by our amazing teachers.

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