Thursday, September 16, 2010

Find a Way or Make One

As an artist and a business owner, I'm always interested in seeing how the two practices overlap. Here is a diagram from the 1912 book Salesmanship and Business Efficiency, by James Samuel Knox, that is useful for most decision-making in life, be it for business, art, or anything else. It reads:

1. Have a definite aim in life.
2. Fortify yourself by a burning, conquering determination to reach your goal.
3. Know that the things you wish to achieve are legitimate, practical, and truly desirable.
4. Organize your mental forces.
5. Find a way or make one.

Makes sense to me. Perseverando!

1 comment:

Shelley Noble said...

Terrific advice! The trick for folks is to get in touch with the aim that inspires such tenacity, I think.