Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Neverwas Haul Benefit

A friend of ours from the Academy of Unnatural Sciences stopped by Castle in the Air the other day to invite all and sundry to "an evening of food, drinks, entertainment, intellectual discourse, as well as lewd and lascivious behavior (not exactly in that order!)" this coming Saturday, July 17.

The event is free, but will also include a fundraiser for Neverwas Haul, the amazing roving house I've written about here before. The evening's entertainment includes singers, dancers, accordion players, "dissertations from the Hibernian Ambassador," steam engine demonstrations, and kid-friendly activities in the early evening.

If this night is like the others I've spent at Neverwas Haul's mooring place at The Shipyard, it will be nothing short of an amazing display of minds, machines, and mayhem. Maybe you'll be there, too.

Neverwas Haul Benefit
Saturday, July 17, 6 pm to midnight
The Shipyard: 1010 Murray Street, Berkeley
Free admission, $5 for food and drink tickets

More details at www.neverwashaul.com

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