Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Roll up, roll up, for Family Band

This year I've devoted even more time to my bandoneon, practicing songs, learning to read music, and taking lessons from my beloved bandoneon instructor in Argentina via Skype. As every artist knows, there's not much point in making art if you can't share it, so one of my favorite activities each week is Family Band. My husband joins me on guitar, my daughters play their fiddles, and even Grandpa gets into the groove on the piano. Everyone plays what they feel and we have a great time bonding through music.

Here's a tiny sample from one of our recent jam sessions. You can hear my younger daughter asking a guest to open a kazoo box so she can recruit him into the band: Listen.

1 comment:

Ulla said...

Too Fun! So now the Marionette Trope has a band too!
Love it!!!