Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Fragile Frolic

Lovers of fine objects who wander to the back of Castle in the Air to peruse our best pens this week will be hard pressed not to be distracted by the revels taking place atop the case. There, inside a smaller glass box, it seems as though a fairy troupe has been magically frozen mid-revel. Nymphs admiring birds, satyrs raising wine glasses, undulating mermaids, and dancing men and women with the heads of unicorns (unitaurs?) frolic among bud vases etched with swirls and symbols in a glistening fantasy-land created by local glass artist Andre Nigoghossian.

Andre first brought his delicate griffons, buck deer, and hippocampi to Castle in the Air last summer, and they've been shimmering in the shop only long enough to be noticed by their delighted new owners. Come by soon and witness the midsummer night's gleam before these beauties disappear too.

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