Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pushing the Envelopes

While we have been receiving some illustrated letters in response to the Blue Castle Badge program, the pace is never quite enough to satisfy the Blue Castle Badger. He's been chewing on this envelope from our calligraphy teacher Bill Kemp for the past week.

We were feeling sorry for him, but we became downright alarmed today when we saw him pacing back and forth in the store, alternately checking a careworn train schedule leaflet and stuffing his collection of illustrated letters into a padded mailer he had scavenged out of the recycling bin. What could have caused the Badger to want to leave us?

The answer came when we saw a Post-It note and some printouts next to the the store computer. It was a letter from the Badger's pen pal Lana, who was telling him all about Jean Wilson's Pushing the Envelopes, an illustrated letter blog. Lo and behold, the web browser was open to the blog, and there were nose-prints all over the monitor!

We think the Badger is planning to move to Des Moines to live with Jean, and we'll miss him terribly if he does. For the moment, we've distracted the Badger by tossing him a few albums of Victorian postcards, but we don't think they will appease him for more than a few days. If you care at all for the Badger's happiness, please send us illustrated letters for him to snuffle. And of course, when you do, you'll receive your very own Blue Castle Badge.

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jean wilson said...

BCB is welcome any time. Just hop on Interstate 80 and drive for 4 days, then turn right. But, he really should stay put and see what the letter carrier brings for him. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I have an alarming number of envelopes waiting to be scanned and posted....