Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We recently received a very special shipment from Denmark -- an extended family of pixies! These diminutive darlings are under five inches from the tip of their hat to the soles of their shoes, and have been a favorite at Castle in the Air since before Christmas last year. People just love their sweet expressions and their intricate clothing with working buttons. It seems we can hardly get them into their little dollhouse before their delighted adoptive parents walk through the door to take them to their new homes.

I can only imagine that these pixies are perfectly behaved house-guests, because they remind me of nothing so much as the helpful household spirit Tomtens who live at Castle in the Air, although our Tomtens are a bit rounder and have long beards. These pixies are quite childlike, however their dreamy eyes and grey hair give them an otherworldly air. And because they seem most jolly when they're in the company of all their brothers and sisters, we love having a full display of them right up front at the shop.

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