Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Tiniest Cake Party

There we were early this afternoon, going about the business of running the shop, when all at once we looked down and saw the most spectacular party going on, right there by the pen cups! The sock monkey brought a berry pie, the rabbit an almond tart, and the bees and the ladybug (who seem to be on the guest list at every picnic) brought their appetites. These magical creatures said they were friends of a woman named Victoria, who enjoys visiting Castle in the Air. To look at her creations, we say Victoria's got a bit of magic in her.


rochambeau said...

Dropping by to wish you and yours a very happy Spring Karima! All of your posts here and below, beautiful~

WoolPets said...

Hey that sock monkey looks very familiar....what a cutie! Nicely done!

Castle in the Air said...

WoolPets: For that matter so do the lady bugs and bees!! Thanks for finding us - I am very happy to have discovered your kits. Surely they were the inspiration for the party!!
For everyone else: Check out for a sweet selection of needle felting projects!!