Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Mysterious Visitor

John McRae was downstairs helping a customer this week when the most amazing thing happened. Out of the clear blue sky, in swooped a hawk! John didn't realize how big the raptor was until it turned to leave, getting a running start and spreading its wings to take flight. Before it left, though, John noticed the hawk had something in its beak. Some young people who had been sitting outside rushed in to ask if we'd seen the bird, it happened so fast.

What could the hawk have wanted? An Easter egg from our window display? A Fourth Street mouse? A delicious gnome? It must have been something tasty for the raptor to come into the shop, unless of course it read our "Castle in the Air" sign literally and thought our doorway led back to the clouds. Who knows? At any rate, stealing from Castle in the Air and killing animals in the store are activities that get birds (and people) on The No List for a Blue Castle Badge, so we've got to say that this bird won't have that distinction anytime soon.


Karin Corbin said...

Maybe it took a wrong turn and came in with nesting materials already in it's beak. This is the season for that activity.

My son currently has a bird pecking daily trying to get into his sliding glass door. I will build a birdhouse for it this weekend.

The beautiful little swallow shown nesting in the link below insisted it was going to build a nest in my dryer vent. I put up one of the birdhouses I build just below the vent to divert it to a proper home.

Castle in the Air said...

What a wonderful idea Karin!!
I too would love to move into one of your houses.
Sending my best,

Ulla said...

I am not in the least bit surprised! MAGIC always happens at the CASTLE!

Castle in the Air said...

We've just confirmed with John that the hawk was empty-beaked when it came in. Maybe it's going to feather its nest with some Dresden trim!

Laurey said...

A familiar perhaps?