Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blessings and Good Fortune!

My family celebrated the Chinese New Year a few weeks ago by taking part in the festivities on Fourth Street. By far the most exciting event all day was the lion dance, performed by Kei Lun Martial Arts. Located in San Francisco, the Kei Lun dancers visited Berkeley to bestow good fortune and blessings on the shops and merchants of Fourth Street.

As part of the performance, the lion and the monk characters came into Castle in the Air. Roann, one of the newest members of the Castle crew, was downstairs that day. Recalling the excitement later, she said "They blessed the registers!"

According to the website for the Kei Lun Martial Arts group, "the kei lun is a benevolent mythical creature from Asian folklore. As an adjective, kei lun can be loosely translated as 'talented.'" Their lion dance on Fourth Street was featured that night in a segment on our local television news, and we certainly agree that they are talented.


Shelley Noble said...

How cool to have the castle blessed by a mythical beast no less!

Laurey Foulkes said...

We were planning to come this because we had so much fun last year. In fact I even wrote it down on our calendar. But on the day it was happening we completely forgot about it. Boo-hoo!

elemental mother said...

Blessings and good fortune! A wonderful place to go in the middle of the night- and of course during daylight hours on 4th street. Love and prosperity and thanks to the brilliant writing here- off to look under my bed for those nixies who must have woken me up! xx