Friday, September 25, 2009

The Journey

Today Mr. Marsh brought us a publication from one of his wandering correspondents in Portland, Oregon. He says he's inspired by the magazine--Communicating Vessels--because its publisher rejects so many of the trappings that most of us take for granted, including a computer, telephones, and beginning with the next issue, outside printing services.

Despite the material differences between his publishing and ours, we seem to share common roots in what inspires us. Here's a page from Communicating Vessels where a traveler describes his visit to a "castle in the air."

The journey has been long and hard. I have trudged through cities, villages, towns. There seems to be no place for me. My feet keep moving and moving. Here a place there a place and then over there a place. Wandering and wandering and wandering. Forever wandering. I light my lantern and continue on. Continue on my journey. To where? I couldn't give you precise details. I let my imagination take me on the journey. Why let my weary imagination lead the way? You sure ask huge handfuls of elaborate questions. But I will answer you anyway. My feet are exhausted and my heart is barely mendable so I follow the vast ocean of visions and utopian dreams my mind draws into focus.

Castles standing tall in the air amidst peach and nectarine trees and wild flowers. Wild flowers as far as the eye can see. As you journey into the castle a friendly jester greets you by doffing his hat that extends to the roof. He holds out his hand and you open your mouth in awe. But I will save it for another time. The complete story will be told at a later date. I need to stop daydreaming and get on the road. Get on with my journey. Stop distracting me with your curious questions. I must go. Good day to you and remember to keep your lantern lit. Sometimes the path on your journey can be dim.

To order a copy for yourself, you can send a letter and a donation of cash or stamps to:
Communicating Vessels
Post Office Box 83408
Portland, Oregon 97283

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elemental mother said...

This is so lovely- I am sending off my letter and donation. Thank you for finding this magic!