Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christmas in August!

Yesterday John and I went to Golden Glow of Christmas Past, an annual gathering of Christmas connoisseurs. Hundreds of collectors of antique Christmas ornaments converged in Sacramento to shop, attend talks and workshops, and witness room-sized displays of holiday treasures. I first heard about Golden Glow from an Italian ornament artisan when I was in Europe earlier this year. Even though the show travels to a new city every year, it was pure luck that this year it was in Sacramento, not far from Berkeley. We had so much fun that John and I are going back this Saturday to socialize and attend a banquet and special events.

The pictures here are of a special Christmas optical toy John made. A convex mirror at one end makes the wintry scene seem much larger. It seems Santa Claus is already awake and on the move!


Shelley Noble said...

OOoo OOoo, That's exactly the look I was trying to affect in our 2007 Holiday Bottle Whimsey cards! So magical!

Boxwood Cottage said...

What a wonderful piece of Christmas magic John has created with this magical scene!!!
I can imagine what a great time you had at that event, sounds beautiful!